1. Customizing Cable For Medical Equipment

    It’s a fact that medical equipment is highly complex. No wonder, since it needs to be. The level of technology upon these devices is highly complex, and not only does it need to work efficiently, it also cannot accidentally power down considering it might be responsible for keeping a human being alive. Due to the complexity of these components, they require custom cables. When constructed, these…Read More

  2. Cables and Boats: What You Need To Know

    In Florida, the ocean is a part of life. Surrounded on three sides by water, Florida is second only to Alaska in terms of total state coast length. Like any state with a large coastline, Florida is home to millions of people who love boating. Boats are a great source of fun, but they can also be a major source of frustration. You see, boats need power. Pretty much every modern boat has some sort o…Read More

  3. The Cable Assembly: An Unsung Hero

    Cable assemblies make modern life possible. That may seem like a bold statement, but it’s true. From the food that we eat to the water that we drink, the car that we drive to work everyday and the computers that we use, cable assemblies make all of it possible. Cable assemblies are a group of cables arranged into a single unit that is often covered with some form of protective sleeve. Through th…Read More

  4. The Future of Cable and Wire Manufacturing

    The future in the time of The Terminator was full of machines and robots and…wires! Whether we will ever get to that point or not (I hope not!), wires are the future. The future is about making connections, if that’s online or in person, the connections are there to be made. Cables and wires connect and give power to computers, phones, lights, machines, vehicles; you name it, there is probably…Read More

  5. The Types Of Industries That Rely On Efficient Cable Assembly Services Part Two

    Cable production and installation is critical for many businesses to succeed. With a variety of different services and products, we take pride in who we are able to work for at Paradise Cable Industries. If you have read some of our previous blogs, you may already understand what we do, but do you know who we work for? We have already taken a look at some of the industries that we provide cable as…Read More

  6. The Types Of Industries That Rely On Efficient Cable Assembly Services

    Does your industry or profession need a custom cable company you can trust? Cables and wires - it is hard to escape their usage and functionality. Practically anything you use will contain some sort of wire or cable in order to work properly. Who relies on the usage of cable assembly the most, though? There is a multitude of industries across the board that need cable assembly. While some of those…Read More

  7. Your Guide to Cable Connectors for Pinheaders

    If you've been working with cable assemblies or electronics for long, you've probably seen a cable that plugged into a pin header. You might not have known the proper name or much more about it than the fact that it neatly plugged in where it needed to go. Let's look at some terms and discover more about this great cable assembly option. What is a Pin Header? A pin header is one or more row of pi…Read More

  8. How Cable Manufacturers Make Cables Last Longer

    When you invest in custom cable assemblies, you want your cable to last as long as possible. Your cable manufacturer wants it to, too. That's why Paradise Cable Ind. does a number of things to protect your cable and extend it's life, so you get the most out of every cable assembly that you purchase from us. Here are some of the options available for our cable assemblies that can help them last lon…Read More

  9. The Mating Cycle of Cable Assemblies

    When you think about your cable assemblies, mating cycles are probably the last thing on your mind. However, mating cycles are extremely important to cable assemblies; specifically, they are important to the connectors used in your cable assembly. So what is the mating cycle of your cable? And why does it matter? What is a Mating Cycle of a Cable Assembly? Mating cycles are, at their most basic, t…Read More

  10. What Is A Test Probe Cable?

    At Paradise Cable Industries, we pride ourselves in making high quality custom cable solutions that will stand the test of time. We realize that time isn’t the only way our cables will be tested, however. No matter what the application, from automobiles to outdoor lighting, it’s important for custom cables to be tested internally for a variety of reasons. General Probe Function No matter what …Read More