Month: September 2016

Custom Cable and Wire Harness Manufacturing and Engineering Support

Cables and Boats: What You Need To Know

In Florida, the ocean is a part of life. Surrounded on three sides by water, Florida is second only to Alaska in terms of total state coast length. Like any state with a large coastline, Florida is home to millions of people who love boating. Boats are a great source of fun, but they can…
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The Cable Assembly: An Unsung Hero

Cable assemblies make modern life possible. That may seem like a bold statement, but it’s true. From the food that we eat to the water that we drink, the car that we drive to work everyday and the computers that we use, cable assemblies make all of it possible. Cable assemblies are a group of…
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The Future of Cable and Wire Manufacturing

The future in the time of The Terminator was full of machines and robots and…wires! Whether we will ever get to that point or not (I hope not!), wires are the future. The future is about making connections, if that’s online or in person, the connections are there to be made. Cables and wires connect…
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