Your Guide to Cable Connectors for Pinheaders

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Your Guide to Cable Connectors for Pinheaders

If you’ve been working with cable assemblies or electronics for long, you’ve probably seen a cable that plugged into a pin header. You might not have known the proper name or much more about it than the fact that it neatly plugged in where it needed to go. Let’s look at some terms and discover more about this great cable assembly option.

What is a Pin Header?

A pin header is one or more row of pins (the male part of the connection) that are evenly spaced out. These electrical connectors are more commonly used on the inside of electronics, as opposed to something like a USB cable that is typically featured on the outside.

What Connects to a Pin Header?

A header connection plugs into the pin header. A header connection (the female part of the connection) has a series of holes that are evenly spaced out to receive the male pins. These connectors usually have multiple wires running into the housing. This can be from individual wires which are clamped in or from ribbon cable.

What Are These Connections Used For?

You’ll find pin headers used in a variety of electronic applications, everything from computers to vehicles and more. They are great for speeding up the assembly process since the individual wires don’t have to be connected and instead multiple wires can be plugged in at once. It provides a good connection and is a relatively long-lasting assembly.

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