The Cable Assembly: An Unsung Hero

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The Cable Assembly: An Unsung Hero

Cable assemblies make modern life possible. That may seem like a bold statement, but it’s true. From the food that we eat to the water that we drink, the car that we drive to work everyday and the computers that we use, cable assemblies make all of it possible. Cable assemblies are a group of cables arranged into a single unit that is often covered with some form of protective sleeve. Through these cables runs the power and information that makes modern electrical systems function. Cable assemblies are used in millions of applications around the world, but for the average person, three of their uses are more important than any of the others.

Cable Assembly


  • Automotive: Modern cars have a slew of cable assemblies hidden throughout their frames. These assemblies control the headlights, the radio, the air conditioning, the heating, the engine sensors, and the dozens of other processes that make our cars run.


  • Internet: You know the cat video that you just can’t get enough of on YouTube? Without cable assemblies the internet would fall apart, and you would be relegated to a world where the term “Google it” has no meaning.


  • HVAC: One of the best parts of coming home everyday is feeling perfectly controlled air swirling around your home. Being in control of our home’s environment is one of the major perks of life, but without the cable assemblies controlling your home’s HVAC system, you would be at the mercy of mother nature.

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