What Is A Test Probe Cable?

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What Is A Test Probe Cable?

Test probe cable assembly with molded connector and logo

At Paradise Cable Industries, we pride ourselves in making high quality custom cable solutions that will stand the test of time. We realize that time isn’t the only way our cables will be tested, however. No matter what the application, from automobiles to outdoor lighting, it’s important for custom cables to be tested internally for a variety of reasons.

General Probe Function

No matter what type of probe you want to perform, it requires a custom test probe cable. This cable is used to connect a piece of electronic test equipment to a device under test (DUT).

Voltage Probes

This custom cable test probe is used to determine the amount of voltage present on the DUT. In order for voltage probes to deliver accurate results, it’s important that neither the probe or the testing device affects the voltage that needs to be measured. Simple test leads, tweezer probes, oscilloscope probes, and differential probes are all examples of voltage probes.

Current Probes

Unlike a voltage probe, which should not affect a cable’s current voltage in any way, a current probe generates voltage that’s proportional to a current in the circuit that needs to be measured. Sampling resistor, alternating current probes, direct-current probes, and hybrid AC/DC current probes are examples of current probes.

Temperature Probes

Used to assess surface temperatures in a variety of applications, temperature probes incorporate a temperature sensor such as a thermistor, thermocouple, or resistance thermometer. No matter which type of sensor is present, it will produce voltage that varies with temperature.

The test probe cables that we produce here at Paradise Cable Industries may feature molded connectors to increase durability in high-use settings, and can be terminated in a variety of connector clamps or test probe tips.