How Cable Manufacturers Make Cables Last Longer

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How Cable Manufacturers Make Cables Last Longer

When you invest in custom cable assemblies, you want your cable to last as long as possible. Your cable manufacturer wants it to, too. That’s why Paradise Cable Ind. does a number of things to protect your cable and extend it’s life, so you get the most out of every cable assembly that you purchase from us. Here are some of the options available for our cable assemblies that can help them last longer.

Strain Relief Boot or Case

Many cable assemblies include strain relief where the cable meets the connector. This is the area that has the most strain placed on it when the cable is in use, and it’s the first place you’ll experience issues if there isn’t strain relief in place. All USB cables have a molded strain relief case surrounding the electrical connectors, and most sound cables use a strain relief boot. Our engineers can talk to you about whether or not your cable assembly should have strain relief in place.

Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat shrink tubing is the plastic or rubbery casing that runs along the length of your cable assembly, inside of which are your wires and cables. While using heat shrink is practically a given in most cable assemblies, not all heat shrink tubing is made equally. You’ll want a cable manufacturer like Paradise Cable Ind. who uses top-quality heat shrink to wrap cables. This will protect the wires inside from abrasion, damage from the environment, and help your cable work at it’s peak performance for as long as possible.

Quality Components

You can use all of the best strain relief and tubing in the world, but if the components inside aren’t good, your cable assembly won’t last long. Some cable manufacturers try to use cheaply-made components to increase their profit margin, when in reality they’ll be losing business because their customers quickly discover that their cable assemblies weren’t made to last. Look for cable assemblies made with quality parts to get the most life out of your cable.

If you are looking for a top-quality cable manufacturer who can handle your custom cable assembly order, get in touch with Paradise Cable Ind. Our team loves to help businesses like yours get long-lasting, high-quality cables for applications such as industrial, appliances, golf carts and more. Call us or contact us through our website today to get a free consultation on your custom cable assembly needs.