The Future of Cable and Wire Manufacturing

Custom Cable and Wire Harness Manufacturing and Engineering Support

The Future of Cable and Wire Manufacturing

The future in the time of The Terminator was full of machines and robots and…wires! Whether we will ever get to that point or not (I hope not!), wires are the future. The future is about making connections, if that’s online or in person, the connections are there to be made. Cables and wires connect and give power to computers, phones, lights, machines, vehicles; you name it, there is probably a wire or cable involved. Paradise Cable Ind. will help you make those connections.

Paradise Cable Ind. creates cables and wires that are guaranteed to be strong and durable

Offering a wide range of products such as harness assemblies, molded products, embedded components and specialty products like fuse holders and power entry components. All products are manufactured in house, our assurance department quality control checks and tests each cable before shipment and the products are sent with required certified documentation. From recreational to military to aerospace, we create products that are capable of standing up to whatever you put up against them.

With our cables and wires you are also getting the best value

Our electrical design and engineering teams work together with you or your company to design the best product for you. We work with you to find out exactly what you need and exactly how you need it to be designed, so you are not paying for anything extra. Contact us soon so we can work together from the start in building your product. Call us for a free consultation about your cable and wire needs and we will ensure that our cables and wires meet are the specifications and requirements.

Paradise Cable Ind. strives to make the best cable and wire made and designed only for you and your industry. We strive to make the best connection we can with you, so you can make your own connections and build and strengthen your company.