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Custom Cable and Wire Harness Manufacturing and Engineering Support

The Types Of Industries That Rely On Efficient Cable Assembly Services Part Two

Cable production and installation is critical for many businesses to succeed. With a variety of different services and products, we take pride in who we are able to work for at Paradise Cable Industries. If you have read some of our previous blogs, you may already understand what we do, but do you know who…
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What Is A Test Probe Cable?

At Paradise Cable Industries, we pride ourselves in making high quality custom cable solutions that will stand the test of time. We realize that time isn’t the only way our cables will be tested, however. No matter what the application, from automobiles to outdoor lighting, it’s important for custom cables to be tested internally for…
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3 Benefits Of Cable Exit Over-Connectors

Paradise Cable Industries is proud to offer in-house tooling and manufacturing services to industrial cable and wiring companies throughout the Nokomis, Florida area. Cable assemblies and wire harnesses aren’t the only thing we can custom make for your industrial cable needs however. With full molding design and manufacturing capabilities, we’re also able to create plastic…
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