3 Benefits Of Cable Exit Over-Connectors

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3 Benefits Of Cable Exit Over-Connectors

Overmolded connector after molding with logo

Paradise Cable Industries is proud to offer in-house tooling and manufacturing services to industrial cable and wiring companies throughout the Nokomis, Florida area. Cable assemblies and wire harnesses aren’t the only thing we can custom make for your industrial cable needs however. With full molding design and manufacturing capabilities, we’re also able to create plastic or rubber over-connectors that provide a variety of benefits at all levels of application. Never even thought about cable exits before or why they should be covered? Let us explain why they’re not only important, they’re necessary for professional project execution.

What Is A Cable Exit Over-Connector?

Connectors, which exist at the end of most wires and cables, are one of the most sensitive parts of any electrical application. In order to protect these connectors from crushing, bending, or environmental contamination, the cable exits are protected with covers. These covers are typically made out of a durable, insulating material like plastic or rubber.


As mentioned previously, customized industrial cable applications are a main benefit of our cable exit over-connectors. Not only do they improve the general appearance of any industrial cable or wiring infrastructure, they provide opportunities for branding. We can provide covers in custom colors as well as covers that feature your custom logo. If wiring and cables are your passion, why pass up an opportunity to remind your customers who they can call for superior service?


We provide industrial cable and wiring for a variety of industries, from appliance and outdoor lighting, to transportation and military. What’s one thing all of these industries have in common? They’re constantly exposed to moisture, extreme heat, dust, and dirt. With our molded over-connectors, you can rest assured that your wires and cables will operate properly because they’re protected from contamination.

Easy Access

Industrial cable and wires need constant inspection and maintenance. Elements need to be removed and adjusted to make sure the entire system is operating at optimal levels. With properly colored and labeled over-connectors, it’s easier to find the exact cable you need when you need it.

Want to know more about our custom molded over-connectors and how they can add value to your next industrial cable project? Contact one of our trained representatives today.