5 Types Of Cable Assemblies For The Automotive Industry

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5 Types Of Cable Assemblies For The Automotive Industry


Paradise Cable is proud to be the preferred cable manufacturer in the Nokomis, Florida area. We believe that this reputation is firmly grounded on the fact that we don’t only install and service wires and cables, we make them in-house via an automated and strictly-supervised process. Thanks to our manufacturing capabilities and engineering proficiency, we’re able to provide turn-key service to many different industries. With all the opportunities for outdoor adventure in Florida, we often work with the automotive/transportation industry, as well as those who build and service recreational and marine vehicles. Below we’ll discuss some of the cable assemblies we can provide to these industries.

Copper Cable Assemblies

These days, everything in a new car is “automatic” or “powered” which means that there are wires and cables involved. Copper cable assemblies are used in a wide variety of applications for motor vehicles; including headlights, gear boxes, doors, steering wheels, windows, side mirrors, and other power distribution and sensing capacities.

Squib Connectors

In addition to computers that warm your seat and automatically adjust your side mirrors, modern cars also contain many advanced safety features. These safety restraint systems require squib cable assemblies to be properly integrated with other aspects of the vehicle operation. Reliability is key, and it all starts with high quality squib connectors.

Infotainment Cable Assemblies

In order for in-seat DVD players, Global Positioning Systems, and Bluetooth connectivity to work properly, RF and coaxial cable assemblies are employed. In some cases, low voltage differential signaling (LVDS) cable assemblies are also necessary to power in-car display units, like radio screens and backup cameras.

Hybrid And EV Cable Assemblies

All of the technology discussed above is available in traditionally-powered vehicles, but what about hybrid and electric vehicles? Quality cable assemblies become even more important in vehicles that don’t rely entirely on gas to power them through the day. Hybrid and electric vehicles require high voltage cable assembly designs that are best provided by an in-house manufacturer like Paradise Cable Industries. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and innovative manufacturing approaches so that these products are reliable and safe every time.

Cylinder Head Wiring

Companies manufacture and service heavy-duty diesel vehicles need specially-adapted cylinder head wiring products that feature cable channels and pass-through connectors. In order to deliver reliable performance, these cable assemblies must be able to withstand extreme heat and cold, in addition to the substantial vibrations that are associated with “off-road” work. With a long history of providing quality cable assemblies for those in the RV, motorcycle, and military/aerospace markets, we’re confident that our products deliver the superior performance you’re looking for.

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