Quality Assurance

Custom Cable and Wire Harness Manufacturing and Engineering Support

Our customers expect the highest quality products and that is exactly what we provide. From wire with the appropriate UL criteria to the 100 percent electrical test, each assembly must pass before leaving our facility. We take our quality standards very seriously and use state-of-the-art computerized testing equipment to ensure we are providing accurate products to all of our customers.

Quality assurance is built into every step in our assembly by virtue of the tollgate process. Quality checks are conducted by the operator at each phase of the assembly to ensure product meets the specified requirements. The extensive use of engineering documentation, visual aids, gauges, and test equipment are utilized throughout all of our manufacturing processes. We believe in providing our customers with outstanding products each and every time.

Our Quality Control Tollgates

  • Wire Cutting Department
    • Confirmation of correct UL specification, gauge, and color of wire per engineering documentation.
    • Dimensional check of overall cut and strip lengths.
    • Visual check to ensure no conductors have been nicked, scraped or cut.
  • Termination and Splicing Departments
    • Installation of proper tooling and settings based on terminal, wire gauge, and insulation diameter.
    • Confirmation of correct terminal part number per engineering documentation.
    • Crimp height verified per manufacturer’s specifications.
    • Destructive pull test to meet or exceed UL and manufacturer’s specifications per wire gauge.
  • Heat Shrink Department
    • Confirmation of correct type, size, color, and shrink ratio per engineering documentation.
    • Visual inspection of tubing covering all exposed electrical components.
    • Heat shrink labels are additionally inspected for legible text.
  • Assembly Department
    • Final visual inspection of all components.
    • 100 percent electrical test of every assembly.
    • Test data are electronically recorded and may be provided to customers upon request.